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Helping Mothers And Fathers In Georgia Grow Their Family

Over the course of a century, the family unit has grown and evolved, breaking away from what society once considered traditional — a married mother and father with children — to families comprising of two mothers, two fathers, married or unmarried, with biological or adopted children.

Revolutionary reproductive technology has contributed to the ever-changing family structure, allowing people to create families with the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy.

At The Manely Firm, P.C., we represent Georgia couples seeking surrogates and individuals serving as surrogates in all fertility issues arising from the planning stages and surrogacy agreements, throughout pregnancy and post-birth.

Helping IVF Parents And Surrogates Protect Their Rights And Best Interests

Having a child with the help of IVF is a major decision requiring many important matters to be taken into consideration. Our role at The Manely Firm, P.C., is to help families anticipate the varying types of questions that may arise and to find answers early to advert family conflict down the road.

For several years, our family law attorneys have been helping couples having children through surrogacy and people entering into contracts at IVF clinics to serve as surrogates create agreements and resolve issues involving:

  • Parental rights
  • Involvement of surrogate mothers
  • Sperm donor agreements
  • Other surrogacy matters

Working with you, our team of lawyers will learn about your situation as well as your surrogacy and fertility goals. We are committed to helping you understand how you can protect your rights and best interests through practical, legally sound agreements.

In addition, The Manely Firm, P.C., also provides aggressive representation in fertility disputes.

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