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3 Key Steps To A Successful Divorce

Video Transcript

I’m Michael Manely, founding attorney of The Manely Firm. We practice all family law, all around Georgia, all around the world. With our team of attorneys, we have over 30 years of experience. We have the unique distinction of being the only family law firm to win an unanimous decision before the United States Supreme Court. I want to talk with you today about what you need to do if you’re serious about your divorce.

The first thing you must do is take emotion out of it. I’m not talking about take emotion out of yourself. Divorce is very emotional of course. You know, love is one of the strongest emotions there is, and not love is very similar to it. So there’s going to be emotion in you in your divorce. Bring that to your attorney; bring that to us. But within the context of what happens in the divorce, it is very important to take emotion out of it. You have a private face. You have a public face. Bring the private face to your attorney, but your public face—and that includes to your spouse—is rather direct, rather unemotional, detached if you will. Specifically what you want to do is not act out. It is important to be in control; it is important to be aware of what you’re doing and not act out. Show your spouse your public face. They’re no longer entitled to your private face.

The next “must do” is you need to be proactive, not reactive. You don’t want to respond to anything; you want to be driving your train. What that means in practical terms is you want to be the plaintiff. You want to be the one who starts the action because the plaintiff is in control of the narrative. The plaintiff is the one that talks first and last to the judge, and that can be so absolutely critical. The plaintiff sets the tempo. It’s like I say, drive your own train. Be proactive; don’t be reactive.

The third thing you must do is plan. You need to strategize. That’s what makes all this work. You need to have a road map, and of course, that’s what family law attorneys will do for you. You need to create each step of that roadmap; know how you’re getting from point A to point Z, and then you need to stay with that plan. So you lay it out. You strategize it. You adhere to it faithfully. That is a must-do element to be successful in your divorce.

So if you’re serious about your divorce, you need someone on your side with a long track record of experience and success like The Manely Firm. So if you need someone on your side, call us today. Call and talk to one of our Client Care Coordinators and let’s get you started being successful in your divorce.