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Why Work at The Manely Firm?

Attorneys and Team

The Manely Firm has gained recognition throughout Georgia and the world as a leader in domestic and international family law.

The Manely Firm consists of a caring, accomplished multicultural and multinational team of attorneys, paralegals, client care coordinators and other legal professionals who reflect the diverse world community which the firm serves.

Business Manager Shelia Manely says, “We are devoted to furthering our team members’ pursuit of hopes, dreams and aspirations within our professional, caring and fun team!”

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As you see, The Manely Firm truly CARES about their employees! Not only do we have top-notch competitive industry pay, benefit opportunities, 10 paid vacations annually and 10 firm-wide holidays a year, the Firm supports its employees in so many other ways. We are all BIPP (Business Infection Prevention Program) certified to ensure the health and safety of everyone that comes into our offices. We are also actively working with Life University for every team member to earn their Compassionate Integrity Training Certificate to be completed by year’s end. This is a multi-part training program that cultivates basic human values as skills to increase individual, social and environmental flourishing. This certification, combined with the Firm’s commitment to providing every client and employee with the six aspects of concierge-level service, makes The Manely Firm a very special place to work.

Want to hear more? Check out what our team members have to say…

“I like that the attorneys trust us and encourage us to be part of the trial team. We are not just secretaries. They listen to us and engage our life experiences and find value in what we bring to our cases and what we can do to help our clients. I left the Firm briefly in 2021 but my personal relationships with my coworkers was a big draw for me to come back. There’s no chemistry like what the paralegals have here in Marietta or across the firm. We are truly a team, and I know I can rely on any of the ladies here, as they know I will immediately stop and help them if they have need.” – Catherine Gonzalez, Paralegal

 “I love being able to work on cases that focus on international law. My background is in cases related to international custody or divorce disputes and particularly Hague! This is my passion and I love that I get the opportunity to make a difference with The Manely Firm every single day.” – Alisha Esselstein, Associate Attorney

“Where to start…I love that the Manelys have ALWAYS been so flexible with me as a mom. They know I work hard and have always granted flexibility and time off when needed for family or personal issues. I love that our team truly does feel like a family, especially the paralegal team. We all know that we have each other’s backs at all times. When we get to gather for our Paralegal Summer Retreat or January Launch it feels like a big family reunion. I love the support I feel from the entire Firm. I’ve had a rough six months with personal issues, but I always knew the Firm was behind me – phone calls, meals delivered, flowers… it meant A LOT to me!  I also love that we get to know and care about our clients – they’re not just numbers. I love that I’ve gotten to expand and work more in Probate and Estate Planning and we continue to learn new things every day. I love that I get to work on Adoptions so often, adoptions are the absolute best! I joke all of the time, the only way I’m leaving TMF is if I’m dragged out the door kicking and screaming! Attorneys as a whole do not necessarily have the best reputation, but I can personally vouch that every attorney at TMF is wonderful and caring, this is a rare thing but makes me so proud!” – Kim Hollomon, Paralegal

“I was completely blown away during the interview process with the level of detail, care, and quality the Firm extends to every employee, and that feeling hasn’t faded. I really enjoy the people I work with. Law is a very challenging profession, and it makes the experience better to have a supportive group of people who can help you perfect your craft.” – Essie Ndem, Associate Attorney

“I like being part of a team that enjoys growth and promotes employee success.  Being a part of the management team allows me to participate in the firms plans and goals and help to achieve the growth potentials. I feel like my opinions are valued and appreciated.  When the firm succeeds, I succeed!” – Ron Anderson, Accounting and Human Resources Manager

 “The Firm has been the best to work for especially during COVID.  We kept right on with the same pace we were working before the pandemic.  The Firm made it so easy to work from home for as long as we had to while keeping all of our offices functioning smoothly.  We were provided all the essentials we needed to work from home.  We were one of few firms that stayed open 100% during COVID.  The Firm has been very good to me during the last year as I struggled with health issues and all of the doctor appointments I had to attend.   My team in Lawrenceville has been very supportive of me. I truly thank them for all of their understanding and support.” – Melanie Mayo, Paralegal

“There isn’t another firm out there like The Manely Firm.  This Firm is caring and very family friendly. The Manelys really care about their employees.  The attorneys are extremely talented and care about their clients.  They believe in the good work that they do and everyone is treated as a team player.  In October I will celebrate my eighth year with the Firm and I believe in the good work that we do.  I have seen it firsthand time and time again.  The Manelys are wonderful people that believe in their employees and I could never work for another firm.  There just isn’t a firm out there that compare to TMF.” – Dee Reagan, Paralegal

 “The Manely Firm allows me to help people work towards a better future for themselves and their families. I never thought I’d be working in the legal field again…then I found The Manely Firm. The honesty, integrity and brilliance of the attorneys and the way they care about their clients is outstanding…plus the uplifting work environment pulled me back in!” – Stephanie Sotiros, Client Care Coordinator

 ”I love working for TMF because they are honest and responsible in every way. We are given very transparent expectations, we are transparent with clients about every detail of their situation, we are true to our convictions with our advertising and the company we keep for marketing purposes. We pursue a strategic approach to family law and recognize that we are dealing with families and people’s long-term goals and value that tremendously.” – Melissa Pike, Direct Mailing Campaign Coordinator

 “I like working at The Manely Firm because of the way everyone works together as a team to succeed! My favorite thing is knowing that I play a part in helping our clients reach their needs, wants, hopes, dreams and aspirations!  I love helping in some way whether it be a warm greeting or simply offering a cup of coffee when they first arrive.” – Janet Sierra, Receptionist

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