Finding Happiness Requires Taking a Chance

Fear can hold us back from doing many things. In some cases, that’s fortunate; fear for our health and safety can prevent us from making poor and reckless decisions we’d likely regret. But other times, fear prevents us from leading the lives we want. National Take a Chance Day on April 23 encourages us to throw caution to the wind — but is that always a good thing? ... CONTINUE READING

Meet Paralegal Catherine Gonzalez!

It took Catherine Gonzalez a few tries to find her passion. She began her career as a project manager for trade shows and conventions but didn’t feel fulfilled throughout her many years in the industry. She attempted a second career as a stay-at-home mom but realized she missed working outside the home. In 2015, she decided to pursue a lifelong interest in the law by finding work as a paralegal. It turned out to be a perfect fit ... CONTINUE READING

Top 3 Vacation Destinations for a Longer Stay

The pandemic slowed us down. Over the past few years, we collectively took fewer vacations, boarded fewer cruise ships, and avoided airports. However, many studies and reports show that now, more than ever, Americans are taking longer vacations! Why might this be, and what are some of the greatest destinations for an extended stay? ... CONTINUE READING

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