Reflecting on Unprecedented Times

I find it indisputable that we’re at a threshold in human history. Climate change is the greatest existential threat our species has ever faced, and life is already altering rapidly. We can expect even more drastic developments in the coming years, some far beyond what most people anticipate ... CONTINUE READING

Meet Paralegal Sydney Cumbee!

Paralegal Sydney Cumbee had her heart set on becoming a nurse but realized partway into her education that it wasn’t the right fit. With her plans shattered, Sydney’s parents helped her sort through the courses that could help her graduate. They urged her to try Criminal Justice 101, and after a childhood growing up watching “Murder, She Wrote,” she decided to give it a shot ... CONTINUE READING

All This for a Truckle of Cheese?

During the spring, the southwest part of England hosts one of the strangest sports each year — cheese rolling. People worldwide travel to watch and participate as contestants launch themselves down a hill in pursuit of a round of cheese. But how did this sport come to be? It’s kind of a mystery ... CONTINUE READING

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