Lessons in Life and Love

I’m always in the middle of a good book, though I often don’t make as much time for the hobby as I should. I recently received a recommendation about one that could teach all of us a thing or two. Since October is National Book Month, I want to share some of the lessons I learned from “The Go-Giver Marriage” by John David Mann and Ana Gabriel Mann ... CONTINUE READING

Meet Client Care Coordinator Stephanie Sotiros!

Client care coordinator Stephanie Sotiros did not take a linear path to The Manely Firm, which she joined at the beginning of 2021. She attended law school in Wisconsin and started her career at a bank doing contract work. It wasn’t her cup of tea, so she left to enter the pet product industry as a sales and marketing director for many years ... CONTINUE READING

3 Places to Travel This Season

Fall is the perfect time to plan a scenic vacation. You can find lower prices and fewer crowds at many popular destinations right now. Best of all, the views are incredible. From the changing colors of leaves to sunsets and mountains — a picture-perfect getaway awaits you! Here are three popular destinations to fall in love with this season ... CONTINUE READING

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