Forgiving Your Spouse (and Yourself) After Divorce

Throughout our lives, we will wrong other people, and other people will wrong us. Moving forward from that hurt often requires forgiving ourselves and other people. August 1 is International Forgiveness Day, and forgiveness is a concept I think about often. It is central to my practice of family law and my faith that God has given us the gift of grace ... CONTINUE READING

Meet Paralegal Stephanie McCollum!!

When Stephanie McCollum applied for a receptionist job at a Macon family law firm, she had no idea where it would lead her. She arrived for her interview only to find no one at the front desk and the phones ringing off the hook. “After hours of waiting, I started answering the phones and taking messages,” she says. No one told her to stop, so Stephanie returned the next day and did the same. “One of the partners walked by and said, ‘Who are you?’” she remembers. “I said ... CONTINUE READING

A Lucky Number for Ketchup

As you’re walking through your supermarket, you may see Heinz Ketchup and other Heinz products on the shelves. Have you ever noticed the “57” on the bottle? Does it mean there are 57 varieties of Heinz products? Why that number? Let’s take a trip down memory lane to find out ... CONTINUE READING

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