A Tribute to Working Mothers

Michael and I were both raised by strong, independent women who pushed back against gender norms and cultural ideas of how a mother should behave. They both had careers and raised a family in a time when the two were seen as incompatible. This Mother’s Day, I want to take a moment to salute the working mothers who blazed a new path for all of us ... CONTINUE READING

Meet Paralegal Melanie Mayo!

Melanie Mayo is now a senior paralegal, but she never saw herself going into law. She worked for years in underwriting back in her home state of Indiana. “I thought I’d do that for the rest of my life and follow in my father’s footsteps,” she says. But then she moved to Georgia, and her new job wasn’t what she thought it would be. Melanie went to a headhunter, who found her a job as a receptionist in a law office ... CONTINUE READING

Picking the Perfect Souvenir

A way to preserve or share a piece of your trip is to bring home a souvenir, but choosing a souvenir isn’t always a stress-free experience. How do you pick the perfect souvenir and not just the first thing you see in a tourist shop? Here are some tips for picking a truly meaningful gift for yourself or your loved ones ... CONTINUE READING

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