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Judge David Purvis!

You read that right! David Purvis, Savannah family law attorney extraordinaire, Professor of Family Law at the Savannah College of Law and long friend and trusted partner at The Manely Firm was sworn in today as a Judge!

What is a Veteran?

Happy Veteran's Day! Here in Savannah, Veteran's Day is celebrated throughout the community. We are fortunate to live and work shoulder-to-shoulder with many of the thousands of active duty and veteran soldiers from the U.S. Army. Along with nearby naval and air force bases, one does not have to look far to find a service member to thank.

The Supreme Court - Four Years Later

Four years ago today, I argued before the United States Supreme Court in Chafin v Chafin. When the Court issued its opinion, it agreed with me 9-0. Yes, it was a unanimous Supreme Court with a Concurring Opinion by Justices Ginsburg, Scalia and Breyer. It was, indeed, a kumbaya moment for our Supreme Court.

The Spouse Who Cried Wolf

Last week we were rocked by breaking news out of the Entertainment Industry - Brangelina is no more. Angelina Jolie-Pitt filed for divorce and for custody of the minor children, followed soon after by her allegation that Brad has abused the minor children. Since then, there has been a media frenzy of who exactly is investigating this abuse. Is it Child Protective Services? Is it the LAPD? Is it the FBI? Is it anyone? While the investigation continues, while the divorce winds its way through the court, the allegations will continue to hang over Brad head as temporary custody and visitation is established.

New Digs, Same Shovel

We recently relocated offices in Savannah. Gone is the old ballroom on Broughton. We are now located at 427 E. York Street, occupying the first floor of a federal-style home. The new space is much better suited for our professional needs and our clients and potential clients will find that parking is much easier to come by, particularly on a Friday during peak tourist seasons! We are still in historic downtown Savannah and still within walking distance of the courthouse, but much more convenient for our clients on the islands or coming in off the Truman Parkway.

Football and the Timeline of Your Divorce Case

One of the most common questions clients have for me in discussing their potential divorce case is "how long will this process take?". Unfortunately, this is one of the most complex answers in a contested case. In the event the parties have a total agreement, the process can be finished within 31 days of the Acknowledgment of Service being filed with the Court. If there is no agreement, the process can take a great deal longer, with several steps along the way. Like many fellow Georgians, I have been long anticipating the return of football season, and I could not help but notice how the game can proceed in similar stages to a divorce case. Here is what I mean.

Opposing Counsel, The Sabers, They Rattle!

The "it's going to get ugly unless you..." is a phrase from opposing counsel I may never tire of. I saw that in an email to a junior associate of ours. It seems silly to me. I'm not one for saber rattling, myself. Walk softly and carry a big stick, I think the saying goes. Play the lie, as the golfers speak. There's few worse feelings than being called on a bluff at the poker table as the chips are scooped away unless it is watching your divorce case crumble because you played the fool with your pomposity. 

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