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"All is fair in love and war." In divorce, both apply. Most of the time, clandestine actions aren't required, aren't even contemplated in divorce. They just don't apply. Most of the time, the soon-to-be exes are sufficiently straightforward with each other that...

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I Trusted Him

I trusted him. So, we opened a joint account. We were both working and soon I set it up so my paycheck was direct deposited. We used it to pay our bills.I trusted him. So, we bought a house. I had the final say and gave him part of the down payment from my savings. I...

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Divorce Mills

Watch out! You could become a number.Unfortunately, there are a number of law firms out there that will only look at you as a number. They sell hard to get you through the door. Then, once they have you, they just run you through the mill; they churn your case. They...

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The World Turned Upside Down, Part II

"You can't wait until ... this thing blows over because that might not happen for quite some time." (The World Turned Upside Down, Part I)Suppose you are not in a physically abusive relationship. Suppose that you aren't succumbing to an addiction. The duration of the...

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Up and Gone

He woke up early, and called his wife. Voice mail. Leaving a message to, "Call me back when you and junior get a minute. I'm headed to the airport. Miss you. Love you!" He shrugged, figured, maybe she was busy.Soon he checked out of the hotel room paid for by his...

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We Are In The Break Up Business

Divorce is the ultimate break up. As divorce attorneys, we are in the break up business. Unfortunately, that is often overlooked in the lawyer's office where the focus is on asset division, child support, and rotating weekends.Sitting in an uncomfortable chair, across...

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Finding Your Voice

"You want me to stay for dinner? I'll make my mac n' cheese for you. You'd love that. Only Daddy can make the best mac n' cheese." A three year old boy is nodding vigorously, bouncing up and down with a grin on his face. Anything for his favorite food.Over the child's...

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