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Time to tell your story

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2023 | Family Law

Time to tell your story

I pursued higher education for seven years. Through those years I read and analyzed thousands of pages of case law. I sat in classes with only the word of the author and without any witness to these events, yet the standard of education deems this as perfectly satisfactory. Though I highly value the legal education that I have received, there is a vital piece missing to the academics provided: experience.

I lived in Cuernavaca, Mexico. During this time, I heard personal narratives that speak of empowerment, marginalization, and courage. I discussed and deconstructed legal theories, conflict through a gendered perspective, resource politics, and trans-national migration with members of the community. This education had not solely been told through secondary resources but rather by speakers and educators who have attained experiences that cannot be adequately told through a textbook. I am not suggesting legal professionals to be removed from the table but rather to simply make room for the individuals and communities who have experienced and are affected by the laws we are arguing and asserting.

This is what The Manely Firm is attempting to achieve. In a globalized society, attorneys and the law often overlook or over-generalize clients’ experiences in Family Law. The Manely Firm challenges these over simplified assumptions. We challenge the standardized version of the law by providing Clients the opportunity to be active agents of their cases. The attorneys at the Manely Firm immerse themselves into your case, your experiences, and your desires to achieve the outcome of your family law case that you are seeking to achieve. Rather than speak over you, we pride ourselves on providing you with the opportunity to finally tell your story and accomplish your objectives.

We ask the most relevant question in Family Law: what do you want out of life?  And then we help you get it. End of Story.  New beginning of yours!