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The Right Headspace

Let me make an obvious statement. Divorce is hard. We often tell our clients that we would not wish this upon our worst enemies. With that being said, while some might contend that divorce is a necessary evil, it is certainly a means to an end.

In order for you to begin a new chapter in your life that does not involve constant arguments or unbearable tension or endless cycles of tears, you have to close the current chapter that you are in.

It will not be easy. You will not look at this time in your life with nostalgia or admiration. And this is why I am telling you now that you need to enter the right headspace.

When you are in a custody dispute and you feel like screaming at your spouse, I encourage you to enter the right headspace.

When you receive a Motion from Opposing Counsel that has fabricated allegations, I encourage you to enter the right headspace.

When your current attorney is not reaching your expectations and you are considering hiring The Manely Firm instead, I encourage you to enter the right headspace.


“Okay, Alisha, but what do you mean?”

I mean that you need to be proactive, rather than reactive.

Before lashing out on your spouse, take a deep breath. Walk away. Work out. Do any activity that brings your attention away from you anger and into a better headspace.

Before projecting your anger on your attorney about your spouse’s allegations, take a deep breath. Walk away from your email or phone. Write down each issue you that you have with the allegations and what evidence you have to contradict these.

Before letting the fear of the unknown convince you to stay with your current counsel, sit with a cup of coffee and write out all of your expectations that you have for an attorney and why your current attorney is or is not fulfilling those expectations. Gather the courage to schedule the consult with the Manely Firm if need be and leave behind any inadequacies in your representation.

Here at The Manely Firm, we want to provide you with legal service that produces confidence and reassurance that your case is in the best hands possible. We will not only provide you with proactive legal advice, but we will help you create a life for yourself and for your children that is no longer encumbered by cycles of conflict.