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This past Monday I, along with a number of colleagues at The Manely Firm, P.C., had the privilege of sponsoring and participating in the Cumming County Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Tournament presented by Northside Hospital Cumming. What started out as an early, cloudy morning of setting up a tent, icing down water, and putting out information on the 4th hole of Windermere in Cumming, turned into a sunny day full of long drives, short putts, and lots of laughs and comradery.

Every year the Cumming County Chamber of Commerce hosts an annual golf tournament. And every year businesses come together to show their support for the community. This past Monday was no exception. Hundreds of amazing men and women, making up local businesses across Cumming, took the day to give back to the community that supports them.

Throughout the day, myself and several colleagues, spread across Windermere, had the privilege of visiting with friends and making new ones, all while giving back to an amazing community. During the tournament, we worked our way across the course, traveling from hole to hole, visiting with each person, each business, that sponsored a hole and the numerous players that participated in the tournament.

We shared information, discussed our roles in the community, and gave advice where it was sought. I was happy to meet a number of people interested in estate planning and even happier to provide some advice and guidance on the spot. Setting up an estate plan is an important endeavor everyone should take on, and to be able to provide a little insight, a little guidance during an incredible event was humbling and exciting. I have unfortunately seen the devastation not having an estate plan in place can cause a family. So having the opportunity to speak to a number of people about estate planning and how it can positively affect their lives was an added benefit to being a part of such a wonderful event.

Giving back is a core tenet of The Manely Firm, P.C. It is ingrained in all of us to give back and help others. Whether it is through our work or our volunteering, we are truly grateful to have the opportunity to assist others.

Bill King