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Trust is a Fickle Thing

by | Aug 21, 2022 | Divorce, Family Law, Relationships

Love is something sought by all. To be loved is one of the greatest things a person can experience. From the love of a partner, or a spouse, or your own children, to the love of friends and family, we all seek to be loved. However, a significant part of love is the trust we place in those that we love. Trust is a significant part of the love we share with others, trust that the people we love will not hurt us, betray us.

When we are lucky enough to find love, we make efforts to hold on to that love, to cherish it, to embrace it, to fight for it. We compromise our own selfish ideals, our own desires, our own needs for those that we love. And when we find love, when we have love, part of that love is the trust we place in it, in the person with whom we share love. However, as many know, that trust can be broken. That trust can be lost. But, sometimes, as we tend to do, even when we are confronted with a situation in which trust should be lost, we are blind to it. We trick our minds into believing we can continue to trust the person because we want to hold on to that love, we want to fight for that love, sometimes blindly, and more often than not, to our own detriment.

Trust is a fickle thing. It is fleeting. It can come and go. Trust can be earned. It can be broken. It can re-earned. Trust can often times blind us to the truth.

Marriage is the ultimate testament to trust. To stand in front of friends and family and swear your love to one person for life is the ultimate form of trust. However, that does not mean you have to blindly trust. Marriage is hard work. Sacrifice, dedication, belief, compromise, compassion, sympathy, empathy, are all things one must have to make a marriage work. Being a team, confronting and dealing with situations as a team, is part of making a marriage work. When one person is unwilling to do those things and more, a marriage can fall apart. When one person is unwilling to dedicate themselves to their partner, that is when a marriage can end. When one person is not willing to put in the work, when one person gives in to their selfish needs to the detriment of their spouse, that can lead to the end of the marriage, the end of the trust that is needed within the marriage. However, many are blinded by the word marriage and do not open their eyes to signs that the trust within a marriage is gone. Instead, they ignore that the trust is broken and blindly trust.

This blind trust can often lead to pain and suffering, both emotionally and physically. More than that, blind can trust can destroy your future. If the signs are there, do not ignore them. Do not sit by idly as you are blinded by love.

As a divorce attorney, I am often confronted with situations in which clients are torn between the love and trust that they had in their marriage and moving forward with a divorce. Do not let your emotions blind you to what can happen if you continue to try and trust your spouse despite facing a divorce suit. If you do, you can lose everything. If you find yourself in a situation in which you are going through a divorce and your soon to be ex husband or wife is telling you to trust them when reviewing and siging documents, do not let your emotions blind you. Do not let the love and trust you had blind you.

I recently had a strategy session (consult) with such a person. This person came to us for a strategy session after they had signed settlement documents and finalized their divorce. They signed the settlement documents without having an attorney review the documents, without having the advice of a professional. And, because of that, they lost everything. They did not get an equitable distribution of the marital property they accumulated over the many years of marriage. They did not get anything. They did not get a share of their spouses’ retirement. They did not get a share of the marital home the parties lived in. Nothing.

This person trusted their spouse. That trust was not warranted.

Do not let trust strip you of what is rightfully yours. Trust is fickle. If you find yourself in the middle of a divorce, contact an attorney, contact The Manely Firm, P.C., so we can fight for what is yours, so we can help you secure your future.

Bill King