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Spicing Up Lawrenceville

On July 15th, The Manely Firm spiced up our lives by participating in sponsoring a night of throwback fun with Simply Spice-the ultimate Spice Girls cover concert. This concert was one of a series featured in Lawrenceville’s Live in the DTL Concert Series The event kicked off with a variety of vendors serving delicious food onsite. Food trucks provided cool refreshments and cultural cuisine. Local DJs set the mood by playing popular 90s hits while demonstrating their best moves in a DJ dance party. All were welcome to step up and show off their dancing. With all the movement, things started heating up! Luckily, The Manely Firm had plenty of water and fans to hand out to the Lawrenceville crowds. Over 500 people attended and participated in the event. Some tunes were familiar fan favorites while others rekindled memories forgotten of years past. Many people decided to honor the iconic Spice Girls and Spice Girls tribute band by showing up in their own Spice Girlesque ensembles. Butterfly clips, Sporty Spice attire, and the famous Union Jack dress were seen all throughout the crowd. Families and friends of Gwinnett citizens gathered ultimately, to have a great time.

The Manely Firm is always happy to serve the community through events and activities. We, at The Manely Firm, continue to support the people at a fastidious level. From things as simple as water bottles and fans on a hot day to attention to every detail in a court of law, we are committed to doing the right thing for you.  Seemingly random acts of kindness are the norm with our unparalleled legal service and concierge-level client support. The Manely Firm is happy to serve you in all of your family law needs, all around Georgia, and all around the world.

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Dina Khismatulina