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Why are grey divorces on the rise?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2022 | Divorce

Everyone wants their marriage to last forever, but not all are about to achieve this goal. Sadly, there seems to be an increase in divorces among older couples. The first step to protecting your marriage is knowing what may be threatening marriages of a similar length.

So, what is causing older marriages to end? Several key factors seem to be created a perfect environment for divorce, including:

A welcoming attitude toward divorce

As times become more modern, so does society’s general stance on matters. The stigma around women getting a divorce has all but completely lifted, granting them the freedom to walk away from a marriage that is not right for them. When a spouse’s friends and family are getting more divorces, the spouse may be more welcoming of the idea themselves.

Waiting for the right time

Many couples have made a choice to wait for their children to graduate or move out before getting a divorce. As a generation of young adults move out of the house and finish school, their parents are finally reaching the point for them to get a divorce.

Unplanned isolation

The pandemic has changed our lives in ways no one was anticipating. One of the largest changes included prolonged alone time with our partners. For some couples, this time together was a detriment rather than a benefit. Whether a spouse realizes they would rather live separately or they are looking for something else in life, isolation can change a spouse’s perspective.

Longer lifespans

As our life expectancies increase, so do the expectations of our lives. Decades ago, divorcing at 60 would mean divorcing near the end of a lifetime. Now, getting divorced at 60 means having 20 or more years ahead of you. With so much future ahead of them, it is no surprise that people are willing to get a divorce at older ages.

Divorce can come at all ages

Just because you made it to your golden years does not mean that your marriage is immune to divorce. There are many reasons for older couples to get a divorce, and anyone may choose to get a divorce at any age.