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How to Destroy a Family

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2021 | Family Law

He’s in a rage. Isn’t he always these days? His face is red and contorted. His fists are clenched. “ I’ll do whatever I want! I know my rights! You can’t tell me what to do! I’ll do whatever I want!”

“You can’t run the car in the garage with the children and me locked in it,” she pleaded. “You’ll kill us all! Is that what you want?” The children were weeping, strapped into their car seats. They were already having trouble, gasping for untainted air.

He just revved the engine more.


What do you do with a family member who actively takes steps to harm your family? What do you do with a family member who actively takes steps to kill your family? You would think this is a rhetorical question, but in today’s world, it is a question we live with, try to survive with, everyday.

Have you noticed that people have gone stark-raving nuts? The news feeds are filled with folks who have lost their ever-loving minds. Here’s one:  As the article states, the guy might or might not be drunk. He is taken away for psych observation, though. His perception that he is being kept a prisoner in an airborne plane and should be allowed to do what he wants is a emblematic of other folks these days for whom reason, logic and even compassion for everyone else traveling this road, has long since left them.

Such seems to be the state of people who are still refusing to get vaccinated. They want their freedom to do as they want, regardless of what happens to anyone around them. They want to yank open that airplane door and step out at 30,000 feet, but the rest of us knows what happens then.

And it goes farther than that. In Georgia, we have protesters shutting down vaccine sites so that others cannot get vaccinated. The willingly unvaccinated are actively trying to stop those who recently decided to get vaccinated.

There are two groups in this scenario, the voluntarily unvaccinated and those who until recently wanted to be remain unvaccinated but came to the realization that the unvaccinated choice was not a life-style but a death-style, a suicide. The more time passes and the more people either decide to get off the suicide train or die from their peculiar commitments, the more the few remaining unvaccinated become increasingly unhinged and do more dangerous things.

In the greater picture, we have two groups as well: those who are vaccinated and hopefully will survive this disease with all of the variants that will continue to flourish so long as there remains a sizeable population of willing hosts (the unvaccinated), and the willingly unvaccinated who will eventually succumb to the disease. It’s like watching a prequil to a zombie movie, except that we are living it. We know the zombies want to eat our brains. Will we let them?

Don’t get me wrong; I think people have a right to commit suicide. That is their choice. I draw a line though, when “suiciders” are willing to or even want to kill others as they go. That makes them a suicide bomber. Maybe that’s just me. But I think that’s where society is now. We have an increasingly unhinged, ever diminishing portion of our population all too willing to harm others, their community, their neighbors, their family, their children.

Children under 12 can’t get vaccinated. They are sitting ducks. They are squarely in the bull’s eye of the unvaccinated. Killing the innocent; killing the children. Who do you have to be to decide that is a good direction to take. What must we do to stop that from happening?


She tightens her grip around the screwdriver she grabbed in the garage just before he threw her into the car. She never thought she would have to defend her children and herself against a member of her family. As she studies his red, contorted face, she realizes he has chosen not to be in her family. No one in her family would do this.

-Michael Manely

P.S. Here’s another scary story about the lengths that some people are willing to go: