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Divorce Isn’t the End-It’s a New Beginning.

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Divorce

At some point in our lifetime, we’ve all probably faced what we call a “new chapter” in life. It may have been a new job or college. It may have been relocation to a new neighborhood. It may have been the birth of a child. With every “new chapter” comes a mixture of anxiety and excitement about the unknown. It’s the same thing with divorce.

Legally speaking, divorce is the dissolution of a valid marriage. It means separating marital property and apportioning marital debt. To many, it also means making custodial arrangements regarding minor children. All of these issues will certainly cause a headache. Some people will get very personal and petty. Is this what divorce is all about?

When going through divorce, it is important to assess your viewpoint of the process. Many will view divorce from a pessimistic angle. They look at their broken marriage and cannot help but think what a mess their lives have become. This is human nature. But what if you can look beyond divorce? What if you realize that divorce opens a “new chapter” in life?

Like starting school or a new job, think about all the wonderful things that may come to your life after divorce., a new relationship, a new career, relocation to a new neighborhood, and so on. Try to find something to look forward to in your post-divorce life. Remind yourself that no matter how painful the process of divorce is, it will come to an end at some point. And there are family law attorneys and psychologists who can help you navigate through and endure this process.

As a family law attorney, I’ve seen many folks “move on” after divorce and start a meaningful, new life with a new family. What I’ve observed in these folks is a positive attitude and resilience. Thus, how you perceive divorce will have an impact on your life afterwards. If you find yourself pessimistically thinking that nothing good will ever come from divorce, it’s time to ask yourself this question-do you see the glass of water as half empty or half full?

If life is what you make of it, make your glass half full.

Daesik Shin