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Wind Chimes

by | Mar 4, 2018 | Divorce

Gentle breezes makes the wind chimes sing beautiful songs. I love chimes. We have quite a few on the property. I love to be near as the breeze blows across them, striking out their melodious tones.

The breezes pass around the house, across the property and through the long valley. The breezes suggest, impart, insist upon the constant passage of unrelenting time. The chimes imbue time with a melody, a sweet melody like an un-metered metronome. Breezes passing through time makes life sing.

Breezes come. Time passes. Life sings.

Perhaps the most critical element of any divorce is realizing this fundamental truth of nature. Breezes come. Time passes. Life sings. No matter what is happening today, breezes move the elements along and something new will happen tomorrow. Time, unrelenting, passes. Wherever you are now, you will be somewhere else later. And, given half an opportunity, that somewhere else can be much better.  The music is always there.  But the song will not remain the same.

A wife comes to us, hurting and heartbroken. Her husband no longer wants to be married. His consent has been withdrawn. She doesn’t want the divorce. She wants the relationship. As we examine that relationship with her, he has been cruel to her, mean and vindictive. It’s pretty clear that he has kept her in his element, limiting her growth, stomping on her self confidence. We know what the passage of time will do for this divorce, will do for this wife.

The breezes blow; time passes; life sings. Several months later, the same woman is no longer pining for the relationship she wanted to have, but angry at the relationship she had. She no longer loves the man to whom she had once committed, she now hates him and all that he has done to her. She realizes just how hurtful he had been to her, just how demeaning he had been of everything she tried to accomplish. He’s gone and good riddance. May he burn in hell.

The breezes still blow. Time marches on. Life’s symphony continues unabated. More months still and the same woman is now over it. That chapter of her life has been written. Her new chapter is well underway. She is exploring herself and her new world. She is thriving in her new-found creativity, now untrammeled. She no longer hates him. She regards him with some pity that he couldn’t grow up enough to enjoy their opportunities. She’s glad to have escaped him with his repressive limitations. She’s glad that she didn’t live out the rest of her life in such suffering. “Life’s too short,” she’ll say.

Gentle breeze makes the chimes sing beautiful songs. Time passes without ebb. Breezes through time can make for some wonderful music like wind chimes across a valley.

May the breezes of time sing beautiful music for you.

Michael Manely