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We Fight!

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Family Law

Sometimes we have no choice. We have to fight.

I’ve written extensively about the Firm’s overall disposition, we are peacemakers by choice. We look for the win/win. We work toward a goal where everyone fares better. We have found that this is the best approach, the most economical approach and the adult approach. This is the approach that is human and humane and recognizes that the connections between people run deep and, while they often change, they never disappear.

Sometimes, though, the other side doesn’t want to play ball. They don’t want a win/win. They are adherents to an overwhelmingly greedy attitude of winner take all. They don’t care what suffering it will bring, whether women and children are left homeless or without food or health care. They scarcely care whether their opposition lives or dies. They are solely seeking what else they can snatch from the pie for themselves. It seems they can never line their pockets or stuff their stomachs full enough. “More, more, more” is their unrelenting battle cry.

So, we fight. And when we fight we are unrelenting. There will be no piece of the other side left intact. They will be eviscerated as they must be, just to preserve our side, just to preserve decency, just to preserve humanity, just to preserve justice.

And so the battle is joined, the fight begun. The stakes are severe, literally life and death. It is not a happy occasion. It is not a time for congratulations and toasting. It is a time to don our armor, take up arms and rush headlong into the fray. It is time to dismember the beast. There is a time to build, but now is a time to destroy.

And when the fight is over and the dust settles and the greedy war-lords have been slaughtered, we will even then offer an olive branch to see if what vestige of them remains has yet learned the value of making peace, the lesson we have once again been called upon to teach.

Because that will remain who we are.

Michael Manely