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Professor/Partner Purvis, Foremost in Family Law

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Family Law

Four years ago a giant among men came to work for me in the practice. He came to run our Savannah operation, to establish us on the Chatham County map in family law.

In the four years since, he has established himself as a bedrock in Savannah divorce and family law, not just among our clients and the Bench and the Bar, but also among the legal education community, as the Professor of Family Law at the Savannah Law School.

The Bench knows him as a straightforward advocate, direct, honest and forthright with his assessment of a case. While he knows how to frame a case to show our clients in their best light, he is never one to spin the facts when they won’t support a narrative.

The Bar knows him as a fierce advocate, willing to work a reasonable resolution whenever possible but also quite capable of decimating any unreasonable opposition in Court.

The Clients know him as a wise counselor and zealous protector, providing straight talk in consultations and blistering advocacy in the Courtroom.

I have known him as a sterling Associate with a keen eye on the practice and the business of the practice. I have known him as a steady friend through the trials and tribulations and the virtues and victories of running a law office.

And now, I have the privilege of knowing him as a partner in the practice.

The Manely Firm, P.C. hereby announces the promotion of Professor David Purvis to Partner of The Firm.

Please join me in congratulating Partner Purvis on a job most excellently done!

Michael Manely