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My Office is a Pokemon Gym

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2016 | Family Law

I didn’t play Pokemon back in the 90’s when it first became “a thing”. My brother, and I’m sure he won’t mind me mentioning, was pretty obsessed with it, though. Ever since then, as you my readers may be aware, I have grown into a quiet, adult otaku. That journey, as well as being there for my brother’s foray into the world of Pokemon, has left me with a healthy understanding of the jist of the game.

In case you’re unawares, Pokemon are little fictional creatures that you, as a hopeful Pokemon trainer, collect and train to battle with other Pokemon so that you may become the greatest Pokemon master. You’ve probably seen the ubiquitous mascot of Pokemon, a fluffy yellow Pokemon named “Pikachu”, pretty much anywhere and everywhere.

So Pokemon Go comes out a couple of weeks ago and it’s been downloaded a record-breaking number of times to the iPhones and Android platforms that support the game. The game is linked to your location via GPS so that you can hunt Pokemon in “real time” wherever you are. There are also gyms scattered about so that you can battle your Pokemon.

Most every Tuesday, I work out of the firm’s Canton office, right on the square in downtown Canton. The pace in downtown Canton is so different – a little slower, a little more laid back. It’s a beautiful spot, as well. I enjoy my days in Canton very much. Especially yesterday. I decided to take a short walk to get some fresh air after spending most of the day drafting a motion. And to also, of course, catch some more Pokemon. While out walking, I noticed two things: 1) the square was PACKED with Pokemon trainers, and 2) our office is a Pokemon gym!

There’s a lot of buzz and fluff out there about the game right now, good and bad, but I realized something fantastic watching kids run around the Canton square with their parents, catching Pokemon and spending the afternoon together: not only are you using this little phone-powered game to catch fictious animals, but this little game is pulling parents out of the house with their kids, despite the heat, and building their relationship. I think about the people in crisis I see every day, who struggle with the transition their family may be taking, and I wonder if it’s possible that this little game could help heal people. I read an article the other day that said that researchers are interested in the benefits of Pokemon Go on depression, because the game encourages physical activity and interactions. I myself saw one father walking his daughter, hand in hand, around the square while she hunted Pokemon on his cell phone. It was a really sweet and heart warming thing.

So, if your kids are like 95% of all the other kids out there, grab a hat and some sunscreen and take them out hunting Pokemon with what’s left of the summer. And head to our Canton office now, for not only your family law needs, but to train your Pokemon for battle at our gym and battle my CP875 Golbat at the The Manely Firm Pokemon Gym!

Megan Santiago