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Divorce: The Enemy Within, Part III(a)

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2015 | Divorce

The divorce serial continues. Tonight, our protagonist hires counsel. To read Part II, click here.

You call your friend. “Sure, you can crash at my place.  Man, that’s awful. I always thought she was a cold fish anyway.”

Temporary lodging secured, you call your parents. “Oh, that’s awful.  We didn’t see it coming. Could something be wrong with her?  Could something be wrong with you? Can’t you two reconcile and not get a divorce? Do you want to come home for a while?”

The whistle blows. Actually your Iphone chimes. Time to leave the grind early for that critical meeting with the attorneys. You enter their offices. An officious receptionist awaits you, hands you forms to fill out. You remember their slogan: “We’re agressive.  We’ll get everything coming to you.”

You’re escorted back to a brightly lit office piled with files and papers. Behind the desk sits one of the attorneys you saw on the web site. He seems nice enough as he rises to shake your hand. You take your seat and begin your story.

From time to time the attorney probes with a question. You do your best to answer them. Thinking it all through brings up a flood of emotions that spill out. You hadn’t expected to cry.

“What a bitch!” the attorney cries out. “I can’t believe she treated you this way. We’ll get her; we’ll get her good. We’re going to seek an emergency hearing, get you in front of the judge quick. I know this judge, he’s okay but he leans a little to the woman side, if you know what I mean.”  You don’t but you nod anyway.

“We’ll get you back in your house and get you the kids.  We’ll get all your accounts opened and force her to put all that money back.  We’ll freeze her out.”

It sounds perfect. It sounds like what you need. It feels good to tell the story to a professional, someone who can actually help.

You sign the contract. You call your parents to pay the retainer. You’ll pay them back. You’re good for it. After all, these attorneys are agressive.  They’ll get everything coming to you.

Michael Manely

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