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Divorce: The Enemy Within, Part II

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2015 | Divorce

Tonight, our ill-fated fellow’s divorce saga continues. To read Part I, click here.

Your eyes fly open at first light. You’ve got to get up before anyone comes in. No one can know that you spent the night crashed on your office sofa. The gossip would be endless. The repurcussions to your career could be devastating.

You rise quickly and fix a cup of coffee.  You drive to the gym, not for the weights but for the shower. You dress for work and drive right back to the office, the sofa, that you left but an hour before.

You stare at your monitor as though it had answers. The cursor just blinks at you.

You call your wife.  She doesn’t answer. You fire off a text. You get nothing back. You think of your babies, eight, five and two.  You wonder if your oldest are in school.  You wonder if your youngest is at her day care. The cursor just blinks at you.

“Knowledge is power,” you realize, through the haze that is your sleep deprived mind. “I need to know my options.” Your monitor roars to life with a Google search for divorce attorneys.

“We’re aggressive!  We’ll get everything coming to you,” shouts one web site. You call and make an appointment. You keep searching and make appointments with two more firms whose web sites don’t immediately put you off.

“Knowledge is power,” you convince yourself.  It feels good to do something. You call your wife and leave another message. You text her again for good measure. Nothing.

Your best friend from work bursts into your office to remind you that the weekly meeting is about to start.  At the meeting you feel like everyone is under water. At least, that’s how they sound. Your brain feels like an oil soaked sponge.  You can’t make it clear no matter how hard you try.  You don’t try very hard.

After the meeting, back in your office, the cursor still blinks.

The receptionist calls you. Someone to see you at the front desk. Somehow you make it up there without falling into a wall.  A well dressed gentleman has a small package for you.  You’re being served with a divorce complaint. It’s official.

It’s time to call a friend. Maybe its even time to call your parents.

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