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Divorce: Happy Endings

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2015 | Divorce

You weren’t expecting the news.  She wants a divorce.  You knew things weren’t great but you had no idea she was off in her own world and had cut you out of it some time ago.

But she gave you the news, under probably less than pleasant circumstances. And you had to figure out what you were going to do with the rest of your life, given her big good bye.

And you wrestled with it.  And you lamented it.  And you condemned it. And from time to time, you celebrated it. Euphoria seemed as fleeting as despair. Drowning in a bottle seemed as sensible as dancing for joy.  Nothing made sense yet everything made sense, some of the time. Whiplashed may be a good way to describe your emotions.

But finally, now that it has come time to sign on the dotted line, to put that ring in cold storage, now that it has come time for closure, you’ve accepted it. What shall be, shall be.

And you realize that, not only is a new day dawning, but the better days may well be layng out before you.  Your possibilities are expanding.  Your horizons unlimited.

And then you figure out, that though the divorce was unfortunate, it really had a happy ending.

Michael Manely

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