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Divorce: From Pain to Healing. My Path to The Manely Firm

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2015 | Divorce

Tonight’s post on her path from divorce to The Manely Firm is a first for our newest attorney, Jennifer Thuy-Tien McCall.

When I was fifteen years old, my parents found themselves in a terrifying legal situation. My parents are Vietnamese so I served as an interpreter for them when they met with their attorneys. I went to countless consultations with my mom and saw how so many attorneys rudely cut her off. Finally, we met someone who was willing to listen. He fully understood our case and could see that it was worth fighting.

That man is a hero to our family.

He also told me all those years ago that I should be a lawyer. I hope and strive to be for clients what he was for my family. I want to listen fully, understand deeply, fight zealously, and give hope.  So when I grew up, I became a lawyer.

Over a decade ago, I went through a painful divorce. My ex-husband, with the backing of his wealthy family, managed to drag out our divorce for a grueling eighteen months. It was emotionally and financially exhausting. It was so painful that I had made up my mind that I would practice anything but family law. I was sure it would be too painful to ever face again.

The saying is true: man plans; God laughs.

Some years later, I received a call from my ex-husband’s soon-to-be second ex-wife. Talking with her and helping her was surprisingly easy and it was a healing experience for us both. I realized that if I could help her through a divorce, I could help others too. No one’s divorce could be as similar to what I went through than hers.

I found myself taking on more and more divorce cases, and I have found family law to be the most rewarding field for me. Now, I am happily joining the Manely Firm, P.C., where the entire focus is on family law. Clients find in me someone who understands, not just what they’re going through during the proceedings but also what life after divorce will hold.

Just a little bit more about me, by way of introduction. Not only am I a compassionate and understanding lawyer, I am also very hard-working. While I was in law school, I was the president of the Student Bar Association and a member of the Moot Court team. The National Association of Women Lawyers awarded me the Outstanding Student of the Year for Georgia State University Law School the year I graduated.

After my first year as an attorney, I was chosen to serve as the Young Lawyer’s Division president for the local bar association where I was a member. I was interviewed for a documentary regarding women in the law. The documentary features Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I am very active in my church and I volunteer with the homeless. I am also the secretary for the Gainesville-Hall County Junior League.

I am excited about dedicating my passion and energy to the clients of the Manely Firm. It is an honor to be a part of this firm. It will be an honor to serve our clients.

Jennifer Thuy-Tien McCall

(Just a little more about Jennifer: for the immediate future she will be principally practicing with Brandy Alexander in our Lawrenceville office. But stay tuned for more exciting news!)