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Divorce, Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way.

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2015 | Divorce

Tonight’s post on the will to divorce was written by our Lawrenceville Divorce Attorney, Brandy Alexander. 

You are not trapped in your marriage. I will repeat, you are NOT trapped in your marriage. You can get out… if you want to. You can get a divorce. As the song goes, “50 ways to leave your lover.”

Whether you have been a housewife for the last 15 years and have neither an ounce of training nor experience, or you are a Registered Nurse making great money but afraid of the consequences a divorce will have on your children, you can get out of a bad marriage if you want to.

I am not pro-divorce, pro-alimony or pro-child support. Nor am I anti-divorce, anti-alimony or anti-child support. I am pro Family- #TeamFamily, that means that I want everyone to be happy with the make-up and circumstance of their own family. Love is an active verb.

Families look very different for all of us. Mother and Child; Father and Child; Husband and Wife; Husband, Wife and dog; Husband, Wife, and Child; Mother, Child and StepFather; Husband, Husband and twins; you get the picture.

A marriage certificate is not the defining factor of a family, people are. That certificate is not made of Super Glue. If you’re tiptoeing around a divorce because you are afraid you will break up your family, I’m here to tell you that is just not true. Your children will still have a family whether mom and dad are married or not. They will still have a mom and they will still have a dad and they can still get the benefit of both without mom and dad living under the same roof.

Mom and Dad should not treat a marriage certificate as though it were a death certificate (until death do you part). That’s just not cheery.

You deserve to be happy. Your circumstance, whether financial or otherwise, does not obligate you to a life of discontentment. You are not trapped in your marriage. You can get a divorce. You can get out…

If you want to.

Remember, where there is a will, there is a way. Perhaps even 50.

Brandy Alexander