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Marketing Divorce and Family Law. What’s love got to do with it?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2014 | Family Law

Tonight’s post about marketing a Family Law practice was written by our Business Manager, Shelia Manely.

The State Bar of Georgia asked me to present on how to market a small or solo law practice.  The session was subtitled, “What worked and didn’t work for me.” Much of what I shared in today’s session, I learned as a Vice President of Marketing when I was marketing student loans to families.  The rest I learned on the road of hard knocks after joining The Manely Firm in 2003.  

Then, founding attorney Michael Manely was a solo practitioner.  Today he isn’t. He has seven associate attorneys and twelve contract attorneys working for him in five locations around Atlanta and in Savannah.  

My advice for legal marketing success?  Practice in an area you love.  Get and stay very good at it.  Don’t be shy about sharing your passion for your practice.

Michael Manely had these bases covered when I joined him.  My role was easy. I just had to “spread the good news” about his love for and success at helping families transition through divorce and other family law issues as whole, emotionally healthy and financially sound as possible.

Our business plan focused on working intelligently and strategically with our clients to deliver superior results, while preserving as much of the family’s wealth and resources within the family as possible.  Additionally we worked to identify and partner with the best and most affordable professionals available to help our clients resolve the emotional and relationship issues which were preventing them from realizing their legal objectives.  Our message to families seeking legal counsel in family law flowed from these core values.

The rest of the information I shared today was just details.  Details change. Technology changes.  Venues for messaging change.  The message, though, stays the same.  That constance, reliability, predictability in approach, attitude and commitment is why 20 percent of our significant client base comes from returning clients and client referrals.  

So, what worked for me in successfully marketing The Manely Firm, PC?  Our founding attorney’s love of serving families through their most difficult of times and his ability to do it so well.  Who couldn’t sell that message?

Shelia Manely