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On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2014 | Family Law

Last week was devoted to training at The Manely Firm.  When you practice All Family Law, like we do, it is essential for every attorney, paralegal and support staff of The Firm to stay mindful and current to meet The Firm’s high performance expectations.

Additionally, we have added five new attorneys and four new paralegals to The Firm, so we had much to discuss as we strive for The Manely Firm Way in family law.

So what is The Manely Firm Way?  It is ensuring that every act we take, every strategy we make, is an embodiment of our core values which are: 

1) Quality.  We strive to be the best in the business.  There is no room for making do or phoning it in.  Our analysis, our comprehension of law, our presentation of evidence must be superior to everyone we face. Unanimous decisions from The United States Supreme Court and The Supreme Court of Georgia are not exceptions.  They are evidence of the Rule.

2) Helpful.  We start from a holistic bent of mind.  We know that families, albeit in a new, altered form, will endure long after the judge’s gavel falls.  Almost from a Hippocratic Oath perpsective, we want to do no harm, and that means seeking peace, not acrimony.  But more than that, we know that the law can and should help and, in family law, it works best when it helps all. Our first tool of choice is the olive branch.  Of course, if that is rejected, we have many others.

3) Efficient.  Much of the practice of law is hurry up and wait, redundancy, form over function.  It is an inherited trait, time honored when we spoke in third person and wrote about “the party of the first part.”  Those days should be gone, all vestiges of them rooted out and expunged.  Family law works well when the attorneys “cut to the chase.”  Direct.  Succinct.  Without fanfare or “Hear Ye.” 

4) Economical.  The Firm consistently costs 1/2 to 2/3 of what the opposition has charged its client.  The only time that hasn’t been true is when the opposition has done nothing, and the results show it.  We strive to preserve the family purse.  The family’s money is far better used on the family than on it’s attorneys.

So, in training, we honed in on that message and on the practical applications of those values in our practice, making sure that everyone from attorney to paralegal to support staff, were on board, working from the same page, to preseve the integrity of our clients and their families in all their myriad forms.

As always, we are ready to serve.

Michael Manely