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International Family Law at The State Bar of Georgia

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2013 | International Family Law

Last week I had the high honor and priviledge of speaking at the State Bar conference during a luncheon on the subject of International Family Law generally and the Chafin case particularly which I argued before the Supreme Court of the United States.  I had been asked to speak because it is so incredibly rare to have a case granted a hearing by the US Supreme Court and far rarer still to receive a unanimous, 9-0 decision.

I say it was an honor because this is the State Bar.  This is the governing body of all attorneys in the State of Georgia.  I say it is a priviledge because being asked to present at such an event is an invitation seldom offered.

It was wonderful to see all the other attendees at the Conference such as Justice Blackwell, Justice Benham, Justice Nahmias, Justice Thompson, Judge Ray, Judge Phipps Judge Barnes, Judge McFadden, Judge Boggs and Judge Ellington, to name but a few.

As I expressed at the speech, I think an important lesson to be taken from this case is that a trial attorney from Marietta can take a case to the United States Supreme Court and win.  This is proof that the American egalitarian way is still alive and kicking.  This is proof that the highest court in our land is still our court. This is proof that nice guys can still finish first. (I’m talking about Sgt. First Class Chafin here).

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to share my knowledge of International Family Law, the Chafin story, it’s history and it’s future with some of the brightest minds of the State Bar of Georgia. 

Michael Manely