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W. Darrin Keaton

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2013 | Personal Interest

I am pleased tonight to welcome Darrin Keaton to The Firm.

Darrin received his JD from the University of Southern California in 1977. He has been practicing law for 16 years building an impressive family law practice, mostly in Paulding County.  Until recently, Darrin was also a Solicitor for the City of Hiram and a Public Defender for the City of Dallas. 

Darrin also works in the political arena as a political consultant for many campaigns, some of them statewide. It’s the smart pol who asks Darrin for advice.

Darrin is a scary-good litigator.  I know this from personal experience because I’ve gone up against him.  But Darrin is also down to earth, pragmatic and very much a proponent of a holistic approach in which all sides can win, if at all possible.  Like the other attorneys in our Firm, he abhors scorched earth tactics in which attorneys fan the emotional flames of family law to enjoy a good show and the heightened fees that comes with it.

Darrin is a rabid soccer fan.  He’s a Manchester U guy.  I’m looking forward to The Firm’s forays to the pub now to watch the latest, greatest tournament.  I think we just got a lot noisier.

Darrin also tells me he likes to play poker (which explains some of his prowess in the court room), travel and play drums. Travel certainly comes in handy with our international practice.  We’ll have to find a time to try out his drum skills.

Mostly, I want to introduce Darrin to you as my friend.  While I met Darrin when I litigated against him, it didn’t take long before we became good friends.  I am extremely excited to have Darrin join us because I know what having Darrin on our team means to our existing clients and to the family law litigants yet to find us.  With Darrin on our roster, we’ve continued to add to our A game.  

Welcome Darrin.  I’m so glad to have you on board.