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Jeremy Jamal Abernathy

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2013 | Personal Interest

Epochs come and epochs go.  And as families transition, so do law firms.

Tonight, I honor long time associate and constant friend, Jeremy Abernathy, whose last day with us was yesterday.  He has moved on to new pastures.  

As many of you know, Jeremy was recently called to a settled ministry at Noonday Baptist Church in Marietta.  Jeremy comes from an incredibly long line of preachers. His own preaching prowess certainly did not hurt his court-room style. When the Lord called him to the pulpit, Jeremy took heed (always a wise move) and accepted the position.

In our ever expanding firm, this created an inevitable conflict in bi-vocations. The Firm just could not offer Jeremy the schedule and freedom he needed to be able to adequately care for his new flock.  He needed more flexibility and autonomy.

Jeremy has settled as a new associate with formerly solo practitioner Clarence Taylor.  I’ve known Clarence for years.  He is a stand-up guy who has had my back when the need arose.  Clarence is an excellent trial lawyer.  Jeremy will be working for a good guy.

That doesn’t change the fact that I will miss Jeremy at The Firm.  He brought a measure of emotion that will be lacking along that long hall in Marietta.  I greatly appreciate the years of excellent service he rendered our clients.  And I greatly treasure the years of friendship I’ve already enjoyed with him.

So, good luck to Jeremy in his new endeavors.  God Speed, good man!

Michael Manely