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Brain Dead

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2013 | International Family Law

No, this is not a post about certain opposing counsels or opposing parties.  This is not a post on the fortunately seldom encountered but still occasionally out there judge whose rulings are almost certainly from another planet.  This is not even a post about politicians who seek death and destruction. 

This is a post about me!

The firm is doing so much good work right now.  From the Supreme Court argument to the Savannah office thriving to the opening of the Justice Cafe, there is so much to write about.

But there is so much to do each and every day that tonight I find myself quite brain dead.

It’s not that I’m not writing.  I finished my paper last night for a lecture I’m giving on International Child Custody in Aruba next month.  Yes, Aruba.  I know, tough life. The movers and shakers of ICLE and former State Bar presidents are having me speak at a CLE there next month. 

And there was much to write about as the forces of provincialism, the home- cooking lords, continue undaunted in their effort to claim their country uber alles despite clear Hague Convention provisions.  Those old dogs don’t die.  They periodically resurface to proclaim a holier than thou posture for the benefit of their homeland.

See, there is a lot to write about.

But not tonight.  Tonight I’m going to get to bed before 1:00 am.  No, really.

Michael Manely