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Savannah here we come!

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2012 | International Family Law

It’s probably time to make this announcement.  We are expanding to five offices. Our fifth office will be located in …, wait for it…, Savannah!

Shelia and I have been doing the advance work there, identifying the location, learning about the court system and beginning to talk to the right people to put in place a local team worthy of our firm’s stellar reputation.

The location is ideal. We are in the Historic District just a few blocks away from the Court house, as is our standard at each of our offices.  The building is circa 1870.  We will occupy the second story of the Capitol City Bank building on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.  If that sounds a bit familiar, it is because we occupy the fourth floor of the Capitol City Bank building on Martin Luther King, Jr. Street in Atlanta.  We continue to deepen our relationship with the bank’s wonderful owners, George and Janice Andrews.

The Superior Court has a number of judges who come from a wide range of backgrounds.  The Clerk’s office is intimate and quite friendly.  The Chatham County Bar Association is headed up by a rather gregarious ADA, Georffrey Alls.

The legal community in Savannah seems quite talented and deep.  From the people with whom we have already spoken, I’m quite comfortable that we can assemble an excellent legal team for our newest office.

Finally, what could I tell you about Savannah that you don’t already know?  One of our connections to Savannah may not be readily apparent.  With a huge port (fourth largest in the US) there is a significant need for an International Family Law practice.  Since the next closest International Family Law practitioner is in Baltimore, our fine, historic town, right here in Georgia, falls quite conveniently into our backyard.  It is a natural fit.

We will be open there soon and will invite everyone to our open house.  

Y’all come.

Michael Manely