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Unbundling has arrived!

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2011 | Unbundling

I’ve been promising a big announcement for a while now and finally here it is: Unbundling has arrived!

Unbundling is a completely different way of obtaining legal services.  The norm is to hire an attorney to do whatever is necessary, whatever is called for, on a given case, from soup to nuts.  Unbundling is choosing just what services the client wants the attorney to perform and paying for just those services.  The client handles the rest.

Unbundling is an absolutely necessary next step for lawyers in providing legal services because much of the public that needs legal services is going without. As much as 80% of the parties appearing in court are now unrepresented.  They are representing themselves, soup to nuts, or just as bad, looking on line for legal assistance from who knows who, or worse still, paying a mill that is practicing law without a license to draft legal documents.

To my mind, this is a great disservice from my profession.  My profession ought to be able to figure out how to provide access to justice for the public based upon a model that doesn’t only provide justice when it is given away pro bono. And we ought to care enough to make it happen.

Unbundling provides access to justice to those who have been priced out of the market or those who feel quite comfortable handling portions of their case but would really rather not handle others.  Unbundling substantially lowers costs because legal work is hired on a piecemeal basis.  Of course, like any menu, if you unbundle but still want every item that is offered a la carte you will spend more than you would have by leaving the services bundled,  but for many, many people who are and otherwise would do without legal information, preparation or representation, this should be the salve that helps to make the system work again.

The Manely Firm, P.C. is proud and excited to be the first Family Law firm in Georgia to offer these services.  We offer them now in our Marietta, Atlanta, Lawrenceville and Canton offices, so call us if you’d like to inquire further.