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Meting out Justice

I'm on a theme here.  As I've written elsewhere, members of my profession, and I think the public in general, are used to thinking about attorneys who practice criminal defense protecting their clients from the judges.  That is a part of the criminal defense attorney's job.  The story goes that the judge wants to hang 'em so the attorney has to protect 'em.

In our culture, we don't think about that same issue in family law, but sometimes we definitely should.  Look briefly on the internet and you can find the most horrific stories of judges run amok.  And that's just the stuff that is known and obvious.  What happens when a raw deal occurs and you never know why.  You are left with, "that judgment makes no sense; what was the judge thinking.

Thanks to his daughter, Judge William Adams provides keen insight to just how much judges can be people, sometimes very wicked people.  Google him for the story to see what I mean.

Please understand that I am not saying that all, most or even a significant minority of judges are wicked.  In fact, I have the highest respect for most judges and some are even paragons of virtue.  But some are less than stellar and, yes, some are wicked, just like in the general population. But when you find wicked in the hands of a judge, the ruling is a very, very scary thing. 

Judge William Adams was a family court judge.  (I'm hoping the past tense holds)  He ruled on many many cases involving children.  Don't you just know that his view of the world was very messed up indeed?  Don't you just know that many children suffered because of his incredibly flawed approach to the world and his brutal exercise of his power?

So, sometimes the family law attorney has to wear a protector hat and protect the client, and indeed the family, from the wicked, or even just "off" judge. Again, far and away you don't need protection from most judges, but that is not true of all judges.

Michael Manely

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I always assumed that our congress makes laws/guidelines that judges are to enforce equally but sadly not always so. A mandatory discovery is made of fathers' income for child support so why can a mother not show and because we have to write down something, we issue her the minimum. Turns out she was making three figures as a real estate agent in FL. Dad is just happy to hav.e his daughter out of an abusive relationship so the fact that she never paid was not an issue until the states began to by regulate payments. FL unknown to us had put a lien on her home. Al l of a sudden our happy lives changed. The mother persuaded the daughter to lie about abuse so that she could regain custody. The daughter thought she could finally get Mommy to love her. My husband and I were treated like monsters. Probably didnt help matters that the AJC had just run a front page story on how we had sewage running through our yard for the last year and Cherokee wouldnt stop it. It"s very scary when The Dept. of Natural resources/Family Services decides to treat you unfairly. We moved! This was in 2001 and since the mother was @ $36,000 backowed @ this time she had agreed that my husband would have that as a credit on future child support. We did not hear from them for several years. My husband would occasionaly send $ through his folks but didn"t pursue contact It"s taken a long time for the pain of betrayal to heal.

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