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“I’ll meet you at the crossroad and guide you to a promising tomorrow.”

Essie Ndem, Associate Attorney, Atlanta, Georgia

Essie Ndem

  • Associate Attorney


Atlanta, GA


When asked the prominent question, “What do you want to be when you get older?” Essie found it hard to answer because she did not want to choose one career, but wanted to create a unique pathway comprised of many career hats. One thing was certain, she wanted to serve others.

Essie is a proud first-generation Nigerian- American born in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She has fond memories of attending the annual parade on the boardwalk and watching the 4th of July fireworks adorn the night sky alongside the illuminating casino lights. After over ten years in Georgia, she is now a proud Georgia Peach.

Essie earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Professional Writing at Columbus State University. She graduated from CSU with Honors and is a member of Sigma Delta Tau sorority. While there she explored her various interests and talents. She was the President of CSU’s Beyond the Runway, Secretary of CSU’s African Student Association, served as Marketing Director for CSU Arden, Member of CSU Professional Writing Organization, member of CSU NAACP and was elected a Student Government Association Representative.

Essie enjoys writing and the “power of the pen.” She believes the power to make prolific change that will benefit future generations lies in the field of law. In essence, laws are a reflection of society, and certain laws must be altered because society is ever-changing. Knowing she could help others through strong communication and effective writing skills, she pursued her law degree at Mercer University School of Law. While in law school, Essie was a regular on the Dean’s List and is a two-time Oxford Human Rights Consortium Scholar. She was the President of the International Law Students Association, Professional Chair of the Black Law Students Association, and was a member of several other student organizations.

Fluent in English and Ibibio, Essie has an extensive list of international experiences. She is the CEO and Founder of Young Professionals Development Initiative, YPD. YPD is an award winning dual-branch initiative devoted to helping youth in developing countries maximize their success through joint endeavors in academics and mastering vocational skills/non-academic talents, resulting in well-rounded individuals who are more prepared to undertake the professional arena. She was a student intern at the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, legislative branch. As a legal intern she edited and co-drafted State Bills and Motions that drastically affect the livelihood of indigent citizens. She gave the Refugee & Refugee Resettlement Presentation at the 2019 Oxford Human Rights Consortium in Rio, Brazil. Essie was also an Assistant at the 2019 Global Trade and Investment Symposium and was the Student Rapporteur for Mercer Law at the 2018 International Arbitration Conference in Atlanta. She also has experience with Family Law having previously worked in the role of Associate Attorney in Atlanta.

In her spare time, Essie loves to travel and remains active in her local community and abroad. Essie is the Publicity Secretary of the non-profit organization MINNANA, Inc. She is a member of the non-profit organization AKISAN, Inc. and the Speak Foundation. She was an Executive Committee Member of the Miss Columbus Pageant and Little Miss Bi-City Pageant and former Director of Education for Barbizon USA, teaching girls modeling, acting, and personal development. Essie loves the competition and growth aspect of these scholarship pageants and celebrating the inner beauty of each contestant.

Essie now uses her diverse cultural, professional, and personal experiences to advocate for clients with a heightened understanding of family dynamics and how that varies for each home.