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January 2015 Archives

Legal Services - Affordability Not Just a Dream Any More

Four years ago, I had a dream.  I dreamed that Michael and our team at The Manely Firm, PC could expand access to justice for all through affordability. Then in law school, I dreamed that we could hire and train newly-minted attorneys seeking work to offer affordable legal services to the many who would otherwise go unrepresented and therefore, go without access to justice.

Juvenile Law: A Delicate Balance

In Juvenile Law, the stories of children that DFCS has allowed to be murdered are more numerous than can be counted.  DFCS received a report.  They came out to the house.  They spoke with the parents.  Within a week the child was dead.  Why didn't DFCS do anything about it?

Family Law and Selma 1965 - 2015

Last night, I took the family to the movies to watch Selma. Having lived through that era with our own redneck microcosm of racist violence in Cobb County, including living in the same city as the bastard that killed those little girls in the Birmingham church, much of the movie struck a chord, struck home.