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May 2014 Archives

Better Know Family Law if You Plan to Represent Yourself

Thinking about going to court alone?  If you plan to represent yourself, consider this:  a recent Divorce Corp poll asked "If you ever tried to represent yourself, was the judge biased against you for not understanding the law or courtroom procedure?"

Divorce, Hire slow and fire fast?

There are many different ways of doing things.  Few are wrong.  Most make sense. In employment, there is a mantra of "Hire slow and fire fast."  It means, take a long time to interview many people for a position and a longer time still to really get to know the potential candidate.  Try to become as sure as you can possibly be that the fit is right before you offer the position.  And then, if later on it proves that the employee has ceased to be a good fit, get rid of them pronto. Does getting a divorce require the same approach?

Divorce, Trust but Verify

When threatened with divorce, a leopard can change his stripes, with a coat of very temporary paint.  "I'm divorcing you," is often met with, "But I'll change." Sometimes that change is heartfelt and well intended.  The effort and duration of that change is not the purpose of this post. The veracity of the proffered change is.