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November 2011 Archives

Meting out Justice

I'm on a theme here.  As I've written elsewhere, members of my profession, and I think the public in general, are used to thinking about attorneys who practice criminal defense protecting their clients from the judges.  That is a part of the criminal defense attorney's job.  The story goes that the judge wants to hang 'em so the attorney has to protect 'em.

Barriers in family law.

We handle a lot of family law work at The Manely Firm, P.C.  Of course, that's all we do. I suspect that we handle more family law than most.  From my position at The Firm I get to see many, many cases carried out through all of our courts from Cherokee County to Gwinnett County to Douglas County to Henry County and each and every point in between.

On the street where we live.

I work in the courts, sometimes daily.  After the horrific shooting in Fulton Superior Court in 2005, the trial attorneys' world grew more dangerous. In family law, we always know that danger can lurk from that nut-job opposing party who doesn't have any better angels, let alone can listen to them, but the shooting, in addition to robbing us of an excellent jurist and fine man, Judge Rowland Barnes, made us all intimately aware of just how vulnerable we can be.