Marietta Divorce and Family Law Attorneys | Divorce Attorneys Serving Cobb, Paulding, Bartow, and Douglas Counties

If you have ever been to the Marietta Square you know the delight it must be to practice here. The Marietta Square is the center of Cobb County life. It is forever bustling with activity, inundated with cultural, musical and culinary events every weekend. It is a destination.

Every one of our offices share a common trait. They are located right next to the Courthouse. In Cobb County, Marietta, our office is just to the East of the Courthouse building at 211 Roswell Street.  Walkable from the Square, our offices are coming to life once again as it is restored to its original mid-century glory. You will find a space that is full of light, music and nature where you are warmly welcomed and might find a moment of peace in your trials.

In addition to handling Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Contempt, Modification actions, etc, in Cobb County, the Marietta office also handles matters arising in Paulding, Bartow, Douglas, Carroll, Polk and Haralson Counties.

Give us a call at 678-269-6541 or email us at if you would like a consultation.

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