International Family Law Services | Questions To Ask Before Hiring An International Family Law Attorney To Handle Parental Kidnapping or Wrongful Retention Under The Hague

International Family Law is a highly specialized are of law with which few attorneys have any significant experience. When searching for and interviewing an International Family Law Attorney, there are ways to discern whether the attorney has the experience you need to get your child back.

Your questions should seek to produce specific case names you can look up on line where they are specifically listed as lead counsel.  They should be able to share specific instances where they have perfected service in foreign jurisdictions and had children returned to their home state for custody determinations.

In a blog post, I provide a detailed list of questions you can use to interview attorneys who claim to practice international family law.  Feel free to copy the questions and use them when you contact us and other attorneys who say they can help.

International family law and Hague Convention International Child Abduction cases are not easy. Parents and their children need extreme competence and experience in these cases.

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