Domestication of Foreign Judgements

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In our fairly transient culture, oftentimes people will divorce in one state and then one or both parties will move to another state. Domestication of Foreign Judgments refers to transferring the Orders of one state to another. While it can refer to transfers of Orders from one country to another, that process is somewhat more complicated.

Generally, if an obligated party moves to a new state, it is not a bad idea to domesticate the Order pertaining to child support, for example, in that new state. It can greatly expedite any collection efforts. If both parties move from the originating state, domesticating the judgment to an obligated party's state is the best idea.

The first step in domesticating a judgment or order from another state is to obtain a certified copy of that judgment or order. After an action is filed in the new state seeking domestication of the judgment or order, the obligated party must receive notice in a form approved by the new state. In Georgia, we usually require personal service to ensure that Due Process requirements are satisfied.

Domesticating a Judgment is not complicated. More often than not it is a process of ensuring that the i's are dotted and the t's crossed rather than laying the groundwork for an elaborate strategy.

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