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Many law firms only handle divorce cases in an aggressive manner. While aggressive strategies are the best option in some circumstances, there are times when they work against a clients' divorce goals. We can aggressively represent your interests when necessary, but we understand that an aggressive approach is sometimes counterproductive.

At The Manely Firm, P.C. in Atlanta, we take a more commonsense approach. When we handle divorce cases, we analyze the situation to offer strategic and intelligent representation. Our lawyers take multiple approaches because we know that the best approach is the one that fits your particular situation. Sometimes this means a quick divorce settlement, while other times it means turning to well thought out litigation. We serve clients throughout Georgia in Atlanta, Marietta, Gainesville, Savannah, Lawrenceville and Canton.

Divorce in Marietta, Georgia

In Georgia, there are 13 grounds for divorce. One situation is when the marriage is deemed "irretrievably broken," which is often used as a no-fault ground for divorce. Before filing for divorce in Georgia, at least one spouse must have lived in the state for six months. Regardless of the living arrangements, spouses must be separated in the legal sense before one can file for divorce.

Once you file for divorce you must handle the following:

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