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    • How is Custody Decided in Georgia Family Courts?
      Divorce cases are often tough for children emotionally, and courts go to great lengths to help ensure that they do not feel the blow of a marital split for the rest of their lives. Determining which ...
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    • What's Money Got To Do With It?
      As Rick, the lawyer representing Dan’s ex-wife, marches up to the podium, he makes eye contact with Dan, who is perched on the witness stand. There is direct eye contact, but not a hint of ...
    • Rolling the Dice
      When it comes to risk taking, I am conservative by nature. When it comes to risking other people's families or money, I am even more so. Generally, this works very well for my clients as we try to ...
    • Perception is Reality
      When it comes to communicating, perception is often reality. How one side views the other often shapes how they perceive the communications (verbal and non-verbal) that they have with that person. ...
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    • Five Benefits of Divorce Mediation
      Do you want to avoid the massive headaches and frustrating courtroom litigation sessions that most people associate with divorce cases? There may be an option for you. Mediation is when both spouses ...

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