Blog Posts in 2017

  • 22-May-2017

    What's Money Got To Do With It?

    As Rick, the lawyer representing Dan’s ex-wife, marches up to the podium, he makes eye contact with Dan, who is perched on the witness stand. There is direct eye contact, but not a hint of awkward hesitation. For Dan, this is his second time ...
  • 3-May-2017

    Rolling the Dice

    When it comes to risk taking, I am conservative by nature. When it comes to risking other people's families or money, I am even more so. Generally, this works very well for my clients as we try to resolve disputes. I'm a big fan of resolving ...
  • 25-Apr-2017

    Perception is Reality

    When it comes to communicating, perception is often reality. How one side views the other often shapes how they perceive the communications (verbal and non-verbal) that they have with that person. Let’s take John and Jane Doe for example: In ...
  • 16-Apr-2017

    Grasping Family Law's Moral Center

    People are often angry in family law. That's expected. Trust is crushed. Hearts are broken. Hopes are shattered. It is seldom a good time. How that anger plays out in litigation is critical to success, affordability and survivability through the case ...
  • 10-Apr-2017

    An Unconstitutional Spring Break

    For the past several years, Tybee Island, just down the road from our Savannah office, has been the site of what’s called “Orange Crush.” “Orange Crush” is a word-of-mouth event with no official promoters that is ...
  • 30-Mar-2017

    How is Custody Decided in Georgia Family Courts?

    Divorce cases are often tough for children emotionally, and courts go to great lengths to help ensure that they do not feel the blow of a marital split for the rest of their lives. Determining which parent has which responsibility is a difficult ...
  • 8-Mar-2017

    Five Benefits of Divorce Mediation

    Do you want to avoid the massive headaches and frustrating courtroom litigation sessions that most people associate with divorce cases? There may be an option for you. Mediation is when both spouses meet with an attorney and discuss the terms of ...
  • 16-Feb-2017

    "But I Signed the Birth Certificate!?"

    Let’s talk administrative legitimation. I work with a lot of men who are dads-out-of-wedlock, and are seeking some visitation (or at times custody) rights regarding children they had with women they weren’t/aren't married to. We now ...
  • 12-Feb-2017

    Family Values

    A friend of mine posted on Facebook tonight, “Honesty is the most important ingredient in a relationship. Honesty. Honesty. And I’m going to keep typing this until my wife stops looking over my shoulder.” I know this friend to be ...
  • 6-Feb-2017

    Macon Bolling Allen

    Macon Bolling Allen Black History Month Spotlight Every week for the month of February, I’m going to be writing a blog post focusing on African American attorneys and the contributions they’ve made to the practice of law. I’ve ...
  • 6-Jan-2017


    You would think that staring at four gray walls in an 8 x 12 for three months with several of the least friendly guys you are ever likely to meet would sober you up, would cause you to take a bit more humble stock of yourself. Not so for this guy. ...

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