Blog Posts in May, 2016

  • 29-May-2016

    The Safety Word

    I wanted to continue exploring the idea of mutual combat, and take you into what’s likely to be controversial and/or taboo territory. But, if you find yourself in the position of needing a family law attorney for a nasty divorce or custody ...
  • 26-May-2016

    (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (to Daddy) - A Legitimation Song

    You break up with your girl, man you don't want to go You ask your [baby] mom, please?, but she still says, no! You missed visitation, ‘cause there’s no court order But your ex preaches parenting like you're some kind of jerk You ...
  • 24-May-2016

    Dear Daughter (A Fictional Letter from the Mother of a Former Divorce Client)

    Dearest Daughter, As I’ve told you countless times over the last two years, I never really liked him. I wanted you to marry a nice boy from your hometown, preferably one from an important family. You chose to meet and marry him, instead, and, ...
  • 22-May-2016

    Legitimate or Lose Out

    I have a sad story to tell you. I hope that it will crystallyze just how critical it is to legitimate your child as soon as possible, without delay, without waiting, without wasting one more minute. I talked to a fellow who had a beautiful, bouncing, ...
  • 19-May-2016

    Terminating Parental Rights: A Rose By Any Other Name

    What do you want to accomplish, terminate parental rights? Then how important is a name? It may not be as important as you think. William Shakespeare wrote the very famous lines, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other ...
  • 16-May-2016

    The Man with the Golden Tongue, Part V

    They met. One last time. Though he didn't know it was the last time. It was a public place, just for coffee. She insisted on that. We arrived early and prepared the setting, well wired. He arrived late. He dropped into the open chair across the ...
  • 12-May-2016

    Trial By Combat

    Recently, I’ve been hearing the term “mutual combat” a lot. This terms refers to “combat between two persons as a result of a sudden quarrel or such circumstances as indicate a purpose, willingness, and intent on the part of ...
  • 10-May-2016

    The All Powerful Word, "Like."

    Maybe I am channeling my inner Andy Rooney, but I remember a time when the word “like” was about as vanilla of a verb as it comes. You probably really only “liked” your junior high girlfriend, even if you carved the word ...
  • 8-May-2016

    Mothers, Through Thick and Thin

    Happy Mother’s Day to all my colleagues, clients, and friends! As Family Law attorneys, we get a chance to see different families and different relations every day. But one thing is constant – mothers’ love support, heal, nurture, ...
  • 5-May-2016

    The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing!

    This is it! The moment you have been dreaming of since you were a child. A ring has been purchased and exchanged. You and your betrothed are parading around town shining your love light as far as you possibly can. There are dozens of heavy bridal ...
  • 3-May-2016

    As if Divorce Weren’t Hard Enough: Losing Friends

    When you go through struggles, you figure out very quickly who your real friends are. This is especially true when you’re getting divorced. What is always surprising to my clients and what was surprising to me personally when I got divorced ...
  • 1-May-2016

    The Man with the Golden Tongue, Part IV

    We knew we had a player. We just didn't know how much he played. First order of business, we assembled our team. "We need to know this guy," I told our folks. "We need to know him inside and out. Who is he? Where is he from? What ...

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