Blog Posts in July, 2016

  • 24-Jul-2016

    My Office is a Pokemon Gym!

    I didn’t play Pokemon back in the 90’s when it first became “a thing”. My brother, and I’m sure he won’t mind me mentioning, was pretty obsessed with it, though. Ever since then, as you my readers may be aware, I ...
  • 19-Jul-2016

    Discovery: A Necessary Evil

    Trust runs at a pretty high premium in our day-to-day lives, and once that trust is broken it can be very hard to rebuild. This is especially true in family law cases, and many times clients come to us seeking to restructure their families based on a ...
  • 15-Jul-2016

    International Family Law: Our World, Your World, Is Changing

    We live in a strange and fast paced world where events’ correlations are unpredictable. Relations between countries could change overnight. For example, Great Britain’s recent decision to leave the European Union will be the beginning of ...
  • 10-Jul-2016

    The Power of Team in Family Law

    Last week, I found myself deep in the heart of Tennessee, trying an international divorce case. There is no one else who actually handles international family law and divorce cases full time in the south eastern United States. A lot of attorneys ...
  • 5-Jul-2016

    Family Law: Burning Bridges

    Human nature never ceases to amaze me. One aspect I see regularly first hand in my Savannah practice is how people terminate relationships, employment relationships, marital relationships, friendships, and collegial relationships. Some take the ...

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