Blog Posts in May, 2015

  • 29-May-2015

    Custody and visitation: don't be blind to the risks

    Tonight's post on the perils of custody was written by one of our Atlanta divorce attorney's, Dina Khismatulina. Sharing custody of your children is highly stressful and emotional. Parents often disagree on how to raise their children, and ...
  • 28-May-2015

    Family Law: Walking the Walk

    Tonight's post about demonstrating committment to family law was written by one of our Marietta divorce attorneys, Naomi Lumpkin. Last Wednesday, I ventured out to Amelia Island for some fun in the sun and "Family Law Boot Camp" of ...
  • 25-May-2015

    Family Law Conference, 2015

    The biggest annual event of the family law bar year has come and gone. Everyone who lives, eats and breathes family law down to those who practice family law on an occassional basis, travel down to Florida sun, sand and seas for an intensive three ...
  • 18-May-2015

    Working Moms and Children - There is Nothing to Feel Guilty About

    Tonight's post about Working Moms and children was written by our working mom, Marietta divorce attorney, Jeannine Lowery. Of course there isn't anything to feel guilty about. But a mom without guilt is only slightly less rare than bigfoot - ...
  • 17-May-2015

    Intentional Community in Family Law

    I attended a good friend's wedding today. It was a joyful, exhuberant, often humorous celebration; part ritual, part myrth, all intentional community. And I learned a little more about family law. This fellow had been a friend for well more than ...
  • 14-May-2015


    You read that right, Family Law, GAINESVILLE STYLE. I am so very pleased and excited to announce that we have opened a sixth Manely Firm Office, this time in the heart of Gainesville, Georgia! Our office is located on the Square, occupying the second ...
  • 13-May-2015

    Elder Law: Talking Money Matters With Your Elderly Parents

    Tonight's post was written by our Georgia Elder Law, Probate Law and Wills, Trusts and Estates Lawyer, Steve Worrall. Georgia estate planning and elder law attorneys often find themselves advising adult children of the elderly on the intricacies ...
  • 11-May-2015

    Family Law: Discovery, the straight and narrow.

    Tonight's very straight forward post about discovery was written by our Marietta family law attorney, Alyssa Blanchard. Discovery is an important part of litigation. It is an important tool in obtaining useful information regarding your case. In ...
  • 10-May-2015

    Contempt Wars

    Tonight's post about Contempt Wars was written by our Atlanta divorce attorney, Dina Khismatulina. The Final Divorce Decree is entered, custody arrangements are determined, child support is calculated according to the Georgia guidelines, and a ...
  • 6-May-2015

    Family Law: Don't Leave Your Common Sense at the Door

    Tonight's post was written by our Lawrenceville family law attorney, Brandy Alexander. Life is stressful when you have a family law case pending. You can't wait until the case is over because you're losing sleep, you've bitten off ...
  • 3-May-2015

    Probate Tips for Getting Through Faster and with Less Hassle

    Tonight's post on managing Probate with great efficiency was written by our Probate and Wills, Trusts and Estates attorney, Steve Worrall. Georgia probate lawyers are well aware of the hassles and headaches that families face when a loved ...
  • 2-May-2015

    Picking Your Horse in Family Law

    Tonight's post was written by our Savannah family law attorney, David Purvis. Today marks the 141 st running of the Kentucky Derby. Unfathomable amounts of money gets spent every year on this sporting event in which the race itself lasts all of ...
  • 1-May-2015

    Changed Financial Condition After Divorce

    Tonight's post about re-evaluating your financial self after divorce was written by our Savannah family law attorney, David Purvis. A divorce can drastically alter your financial situation. You have just paid an attorney, you have now gone from a ...

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