Blog Posts in July, 2015

  • 30-Jul-2015

    Down Time

    To everything, there is a season. To everything there is a beginning, a middle and an end. And the end is a harbinger of the beginning to come, renewing the cycle. So it is with families; so it is with The Firm, so it is with Life. Summer is intended ...
  • 21-Jul-2015

    Divorce: Happy Endings

    You weren't expecting the news. She wants a divorce. You knew things weren't great but you had no idea she was off in her own world and had cut you out of it some time ago. But she gave you the news, under probably less than pleasant ...
  • 20-Jul-2015

    Custody: Keep Your Children Out of Jail!

    Tonight's post about keeping your children out of jail in a custody battle was written by our Marietta family law attorney, Alyssa Blanchard. I recently read a news article about three children who were held in contempt by the judge for refusing ...
  • 19-Jul-2015

    Calculating Military Pay in Family Law

    Tonight's post on calculating Military Pay in Family Law was written by our Savannah family law attorney, Professor David Purvis. Being located in Savannah with our large military presence, many of the cases I handle involve one or both spouses ...
  • 14-Jul-2015

    Family Law, new (and old) kind of crazy.

    "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained." Mark Twain Maybe that helps a bit with the oftentimes Catch 22 existence that seems to typify a family law practice. Yesterday, I had the sublime pleaure ...
  • 12-Jul-2015

    Divorce: Moving On

    There are as many reasons to get a divorce as there are stars in the sky, or at least as many as there are on-going relationships. Some are dramatic and dire and self evident, but no where near all are like that. Others fit the bill for the grounds ...
  • 8-Jul-2015

    Family Law: Care and Commitment

    Tonight's post on care and commitment in family law was written by our Atlanta family law attorney, Dina Khismatulina. On May 21-23, 2015 I attended the Annual Family Law Institute for the first time. It was an unbelievably educational and ...
  • 5-Jul-2015

    Family Law: Three Crimes to Know Before You Go Columbo, Part II

    Tonight's post is Part II of our Atlanta family law attorney, Cherese Clark's series on criminal implications to family law activity. This is Part 2 of a 3 Part Series on crimes you should know before you play Columbo and start collecting ...
  • 1-Jul-2015

    Changes to Georgia Family Law

    Tonight's post about changes in family law effective today was written by our Savannah family law attorney, David Purvis. July 1 st is the day when many of the laws passed by the Georgia General Assembly and signed by the Governor actually become ...
  • 1-Jul-2015

    Elder Law, Father's Day presents with meaning...

    Tonight's post on elder law and giving your parents what they really need, was written by our Wills, Trusts and Estates, Probate and Elder Law attorney, Steve Worrall. Father's Day is well behind us in the rearview mirror. Plenty of dads ...

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